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Premier Tiny Homes, Inc.


The primary goal of Premier Tiny Homes is to build the highest quality manufactured houses, trailers, and structures in the country. We do this by hand selecting high quality materials and appliances that have a track record of exceptional customer satisfaction.

Each item that is part of a Premier Tiny Home has its own manufacturer warranty which Premier Tiny Homes will maintain a record of in a file for each particular finished house and passes them along to the end consumer. These individual guarantees range from 2-years to lifetime warranties. A complete listing of these is provided with the finished house at the time of delivery along with an actual Owner’s Manual that will document all systems of the unit along with instructions for proper usage and customer maintenance. Inside each Owner’s Manual will be complete instructions on how to contact our warranty department should the need arise.

Furthermore, all manufacturing workmanship that is not covered by the individual warranties is warrantied for a full ten years from date of delivery. We feel as if we build the best products and in so doing we are able to stand behind them with the best warranty in the industry.