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Saving Money with a Tiny Home
Traditional Home Prices

According to, the average price for a one-bedroom home in Dallas is $217,034. Two bedrooms will cost you around the average price of $358,001. Need three bedrooms? Expect to pay around $444,967. A four-bedroom place carries an average price of $798,106. 
A 30 year mortgage on the 3 bedroom home at 3.25% is $1,937 a month plus insurance and taxes. You own it in 30 years!

​Rental Rates in Dallas

According to, a studio apartment in Dallas carries an average price of $992 a month. A one-bedroom apartment has an average rent of $997. A two-bedroom apartment has an average rent of $1,433 a month, and three-bedroom apartments cost around $1,824 a month. Whether renting a one, two or three bedroom, you will never own this property.

Tiny Homes on Wheels

The cost of Tiny Homes range from DIY at around $35,000 to $120,000 for high-end luxury models. If we use a median Tiny Home price of $75,000 and finance that at 5.25% for 10 years, you will pay $805.00 a month. 
Premier Tiny homes are built to last as long as traditional homes, use traditional building techniques and materials, and are aesthetically similar to larger homes. They are portable, economical, environmentally friendly, and easier to maintain and clean. Best of all, You own it in 10 years or less!

Ask Premier how they can build for you...

A Lakeside Retreat
An Upscale Tiny Home Community Home
A Back Yard Guest House
An Off-Grid Nature Retreat Getaway
A Portable Contractor or Sales Office
A Backyard Cabana/Pool House
A Camoflaged Hunting Cottage
A Safe Home for Elderly Family Members
An Ultimate Vacation Home on Wheels
A Private Man Cave or She Shed
A Catering Trailer for Festivals
An Easily Movable Guard/Security Office
A Preppers Off Grid Security Bunker
Your Own Special Destination Housing Unit