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The Love Nest
This tiny home was specifically designed for the young or young at heart couple who desire to go tiny but not to lead the full minimalist lifestyle. This luxury unit is filled with upper end amenities which one would expect in only the most upper class traditional homes. This house is ideal for those who enjoy being pampered with all the comforts and yet still available to move to another location when desired. Full size stainless steel appliances along with designer fixtures and large amount of usable storage make this a tiny home that is truly at top of its class.

The Empty Nest
This exquisite house is geared more toward the single or elderly couple that has no desire to have an overhead loft or deck that they would be required to climb up to. Every aspect of this home is designed to be accessible and easy to get around for those who may have limited mobility. Full size stainless steel appliances and handrail bars located in the bathroom help to provide a house that exudes comfort and convenience. This is the only tiny house model in the industry that has an optional walk-in tub for those who desire it. 

The Eagles Nest
There is nothing more magnificent and majestic than the eagle. That is why we have named our largest portable luxury home after this mighty bird. This house can be taken just about anywhere and still provide the home owners with many of the conveniences of home. This house has been designed to function entirely from a dual electric and propane system. Dual lofts allow for comfortable sleeping for four adults with a lower hideaway bed capable of sleeping two more. This is sure to be popular with adventurists as well as vacationers who want to be the most interesting .

The Eagles Nest OG
For those customers that want total freedom, we are offering the Eagles Nest OG. The OG suffix stands for Off Grid. This is the ultimate self-sufficient home that powers all appliances and lights from a combination of solar and propane. To assure that there is always going to be enough power, each Eagles Nest OG includes a SmartFlower Plus. (shown on left) This state-of-the-art power system is the next level of solar energy. Beneath its elegant design is a remarkably intelligent system fully integrated with smart features that make SmartFlower Plus up to 40% more efficient than other solar systems available today.

The BizNest     (as shown in the picture on left)
This tiny house is not a home at all. It is an efficient, modern portable office space that can be relocated and used for a variety of requirements. The design includes two private offices with adjoining restrooms, coffee bar complete with a small refrigerator and microwave and a large conference room complete with a custom designed conference table to seat up to ten! Various multimedia options can be included to complete your ultimate working office showcase.

The Platinum Nest
This House is constructed from heavy-duty shipping containers. This non portable home is designed as a lower cost alternative for those who want more design flexibility as several different size containers can be configured to meet a wide variety of needs and aesthetic desires. Premier designers will work with you to create a home that will be a truly enjoyable one-of-a-kind showplace. 

The Pioneer Nest
This single forty foot long container home is the ultimate design for those wanting maximum security and safety for themselves and their loved ones to avoid any natural or man-made disasters that might come their way. This model is designed to be off grid and fully self-sufficient. An optional Faraday Cage is available for protection from an Electro Magnetic Pulse. (EMP)

The Pioneer Nest – Model SS
This model has all the features of a standard Pioneer Nest but when placed in its final location has the added security of being buried underground. This SS (Subterranean Secure) model includes a proprietary underground envelope to provide the occupant of this home the ultimate in personal living protection.

The Secure Nest
The smallest in the Premier Tiny Homes lineup is The Secure Nest. This is basically a portable guard shack on wheels that can be easily moved as needed. Self contained, this unit contains a small toilet and refrigerator. Various options can be added to fit the customer’s requirements.

The Med Nest
This is a 12 foot wide non portable housing unit that is designed to be the ultimate backyard structure for the care of elderly family members. The interior is not unlike an expensive assisted living apartment which allows for constant care while at the same time provides the occupant a sense of freedom and comfort. This unit can be adapted to conform to any stage of physical ability that is required. Fully ADA compliant, one standard feature is a roll-in shower while a full size walk in tub is an option. Designed to be placed on a concrete slab, this structure still retains the ability to move it to another location should the need exist. With today’s price of assisted living facilities, it is easy to see the economic advantage of The Med Nest. The features and built-in quality of this model will be sure to retain a high resale value should the time come where it is no longer needed. This truly is the ultimate answer of providing your elderly loved ones the dignity they deserve in their golden years.

Premier Tiny Home Models