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Premier Tiny Homes, Inc.

The popularity of living tiny is more than a fad, it has now grown to become an actual movement. More and more people are looking for financial freedom by getting out of the expense of living large. Premier Tiny Homes offers investors two avenues for partnering. Company growth and operations funding and property development designed for Tiny Homes. Investments range from $10,000 to 4 million. Owners of a tiny home need short term and permanent locations to live. While some are finding friends and family to share their property, others are in a quandary about where to go. The need for Tiny Home Resorts, Parks and Communities is growing, in fact there are currently Tiny House Hotels in operation. Premier and our partners will aggressively build and operate "Tiny Towns" across America .

Tiny Town  
This is a real niche opportunity for investors to partner with Premier and acquire properties in Texas and eventually other states to set up a tiny home community. This is basically a turnkey business with solid monthly income with little to no upkeep. Several other tiny home communities are being developed in cities throughout the United States. For an example of 15 such communities, visit the website at: The Spruce

The Tiny Town concept will give Premier Tiny Homes a market edge as we will supply our new Tiny Home owners both a great home and a planned community to place their home. In fact, we have identified and are currently working on one such opportunity which is ideal for this type of community. We believe that acquiring this property would allow many benefits to our growth and marketability and further our efforts as a potential network reality show. 

Company Growth 
This proposal is to find an Investor or group that would be interested in a financial arrangement with mutually agreeable terms. Investment range $100,000 to $250,000 and will be used for expansion of the production facility, design patents, legal fees, industry association dues, completion of production models, and operating expenses.  Estimated expenses and profits from this initial investment with payback schedule and five year ramp-up is documented in a detailed Executive Summary Business Plan report and is available for your review and consideration. 

Sales projections are considered to be very conservative based on the demand for the products which Premier Tiny Homes will bring to market. All indications so far have shown that reaching and exceeding our sales projections is probable based on research, the current competition and overall market interest.